Thermal Palm

thermal palms

Thermal Palms® are a great alternative to hot stone massage. They are a soft hand-held heat treatment which provide long lasting heat as they cushion and protect bone during massage. This innovative new heat modality is a great addition to any massage and can help melt away stress and sooth tired and achy muscles.

Thermal Palms Mold to the Contours of The Body: Even the most angular regions receive deep penetrating heat.  Thermal Palms conform to your body to provide gentle, deep heat.

A Natural Sensation: Thermal Palm’s exclusive wrap material provides a smooth satin-like texture against the skin and glides exceptionally well.

Can be Used Over Clothing: The silky Thermal Palm material slides easily over clothing and is perfect for Chair Massage, Thai Massage, and other modalities where the client remains clothed.

Add to Any Massage: Add Thermal Palms to any massage.  Whether fully-clothed or not, Thermal Palms add an extra benefit to smooth out areas of tension and pain in the body.

Be sure and let us know before your appointment if you’d like to add
Thermal Palms to your treatment as they take extra time to prepare.